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What are the tax benefits of donating my vehicle?

If you itemize your deductions on your income tax return, you can claim a tax deduction for your charitable car donation. In general, donors who itemize their taxes may deduct the fair market value of any donated car up to $499. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, then you may deduct the full price that Wheels that Heal receives for your car. After we sell the car, we’ll send you the relevant tax forms that document exactly what funds were received for your car.


What documents do I need to donate my car?

You need to have clear title to the vehicle.


How do I know if my title is clear/transferable?

The title must be in your name with no cross outs or errors. All liens must be released. If there is a lien listed on your title, it must be signed off or provide a separate lien release document.


My name has changed since the has been titled. How do I sign?

You must sign the title as it is shown on the front of the title. If you do not, the title will be void and you may need a correction form or duplicate title.


My title is signed over to someone else. Can I cross it off?

No. If you do this, you title will become void. Please contact us and we will happily provide you with the documents necessary to complete your car donation.


There are two people listed on the title, do both of us need to sign?

Yes. If there are two owners listed on the front of a title, the majority of the time, both people will need to sign as a seller. If there is an “or” in between the names, only one signature is required.


The title is in a deceased person’s name. How do I complete the transfer of the title?

This will usually require a copy of the death certificate, executor rights paperwork, and the signed title.


Who are the non-profits that benefit from my donation?

Kids Aid and The House are western slope, non-profits with programs that serve children and youth in our community.  Both organizations focus on youth and children that need emergency assistance so that basic needs are met.  Through our programs, we strengthen our youth so that they are successful in life.


Kids Aid, The Backpack Program provides weekend bags of food to children aged 6 to 21 who don’t have enough to eat.  Thousands of children in our school district who can receive breakfast and lunch through the schools are the same children who may go home over the weekend and not be able to access food.  Last year, Kids Aid fed an average of 2000 students each weekend, providing enough food for one child to eat six, small meals.  This allows students to return to school the following week, fed and ready to learn.


Kids Aid is more than an emergency food program.  School staff share stories of students receiving bags of food who become excited to be in school and be a part of the school community.   They feel a sense of belonging and connection; maybe for the first time.  When a child brings a bag of food home, they are filled with a sense of pride because they’re able to contribute to the family.


Not only does Kids Aid feed stomachs, we feed a child’s sense of value and belonging.


The House, A Safe Place for Western Slope Teens, provides shelter, meals, counseling, longer term housing, safe activities, case management and assistance with employment to youth in our community who are homeless. In 2014, 84% of teens who exited The House transitioned to stable housing and 94 of House teens contacted where housed 12 months after exit. House teens also show statistically significant reductions in depression, anxiety and exposure to harmful substances when comparing entrance scores to exit data.


Behind these numbers are stories of hope and promise: Stories of teens who were involved in the sex trade and were addicted and who are now working, living and stable homes and addressing lives and trauma and struggle. Behind these numbers, are teens returning to school, venturing out to Job Corps and seeing therapists weekly.


Your donated car or vehicle will bring this sort of hope to homeless teens in our community.


How is the money from my donation being used?

Both organizations have no national affiliations. The money from your donation stays right here, locally, and will be split 50/50 between Kids Aid and The House. This will ensure that children and youth receive food as well as shelter in the Grand Valley.